Crazy 2023 Christmas Sale: Save Up to $100 at Pizazz Hair

Crazy 2023 Christmas Sale: Save Up to $100 at Pizazz Hair

As Christmas draws near, have you been considering upgrading your wig style? The best time to score big discounts is now. Pizazz Hair offers quality and stylish wigs at affordable prices just in time for Christmas, making it the perfect opportunity to secure substantial savings on 100% virgin human wigs this year-end.
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As Christmas draws near, have you been considering upgrading your wig style? It is universally known that hair dye, perm styling agents, relaxers, flat irons, and even tight ponytails can cause damage to your natural hair, resulting in hair loss, breakage, and thinning. Wigs are a fun and trending way to improve the situation while still enjoying various new hairstyles. That being said, the best time to score big discounts is now. Pizazz Hair offers quality and stylish human hair wigs at affordable prices just in time for Christmas, making it the perfect opportunity to secure substantial savings on 100% virgin human wigs this year-end.

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Time: 8th -28th of December
Discount Detail:
12% OFF sitewide, code: MC12
$199-$35, code: MC35
$279-$70, code: MC70
$379-$100, code: MC100

Buying tips: the sitewide discount(12%) and the respective discount that can be applied when the order is up to certain amount can be used together.

As one of the online wig suppliers with guaranteed quality and price, Pizazz Hair has been committed to providing a variety of gorgeous wigs and hair weaves for women. Its products and services are rated among the best in the hair industry, and everyone will compliment its incredible virgin hair wigs and marvel at its premium shipping services.

If you're looking for the most comfortable and realistic real human hair wigs, there's no better place to start than the Pizazz Hair Christmas sale. A quality wig will cost you a lot because you'll last a long time with it. Read on to see two beginner-friendly hot sale wig categories we recommended for you, and girls deserve to have them.

4c Edges Wigs

4C Edge Body Wave HD Lace Front Wig

The 4C Edges Wig, also known as Kinky Edges Wig, is a curly baby hair edge wig attached to a transparent lace, completely concealing the front part and giving the illusion of hair growing from the scalp. The 4C edges wigs seamlessly blend with your scalp, making it undetectable that you are wearing a wig. This wig is made from 100% virgin human hair, which is very soft, durable, and provides the most natural appearance.Moreover,the HD lace 4C edges lace wig can blend well with all skin tones. For women who seek a natural hairstyle, there is no better choice than the 4C edges wig.

Why choose the 4C edges lace wig?

1. Undetectable HD Lace

The 4C Edge curly baby hair perfectly blends into the scalp, helping to hide the lace and create a natural and realistic look. Any skin color can hold it perfectly.

2. Pre-plucked Natural Hairline

The 4C edges wig looks more realistic in that it has small invisible knots with pre plucked hairline, which is designed to melt with the lace seamlessly, like growing right from your original hairline.

3. Pre-designed Baby Hair

The 4C edges wigs come with pre- designed curly baby hair, eliminating the need for extra time spent on styling baby hair, making it much more convenient and time-saving.

4. 100% Real Virgin Human Hair

The 4C Edges wigs are made from real human hair, with minimal tangling and shedding, providing a soft and comfortable wearing experience.

5. Wear & Go Beginner Friendly

The 4C edges lace wigs are easy to install, allowing for seamless wear. Even beginners can easily put on this wig in a few minutes.

Take a closer look at the picture below to recognize the most distinctive advantages 4C edges wigs have over regular wigs:

4C edges wigs

We have different sizes, textures, color and density for you to choose from. Reddish brown, chocolate brown, blonde, Burgundy Red, and ombre color are among some of the most popular wig color options. As for hair density, it ranges from 150% to 250% in general. The higher the density, the heavier the hair. Normally, human hair is around 120% density, so for wearers who want ultra-thick locks should look for wigs that are 180% and up, and more than half of our regular customers prefer 180% in winter.

Wigs with Bangs

Curtain Bangs Silky Straight wigs

Embrace the beauty of bangs and discover an iconic look with stunning wigs featuring bangs at Pizazz Hair. We offer a diverse range of stylish curtain bangs wigs or wigs with bangs, available in an array of colors and textures, allowing you to easily achieve your desired hairstyle. By choosing Pizazz Hair human hair wigs with bangs, you can effortlessly achieve your ideal hairstyle and showcase your personal charm and fashion style. Whether you’re fond of a chic short bob or plan to treat yourself to the allure of luxurious long locks, we have an option that suits you well.

Why are wigs with bangs so popular?

  1. Unique Hairstyles

Wig with bangs allows you to try different hairstyles and help you showcase a unique personal style. Without cutting your real hair, you can achieve the same effect by wearing human hair wigs with bangs.

  1. Boost Confidence and Vitality

Wigs with bangs can enhance facial shape and eyes, suiting all face shapes. They can bring you confidence and vitality, making you look younger.

  1. Fashionable and Timeless

Wigs with bangs never go out of style, so they can keep you fashionable and cool. Whether it's for everyday life or special occasions, wigs with bangs can make your look more outstanding.

  1. Simple and Convenient

Wigs with bangs simple to use and not time-consuming. They are a good choice for those who are new to wearing wigs. By covering the hairline effectively, wigs with bangs offer the finest wearing experience.

  1. Diverse Choices

Pizazz Hair offers a variety of styles of wigs with bangs, allowing you to choose the most suitable style based on your preferences and needs. One of the best-seller wigs with bangs is curtain bangs wigs. Curtain bangs are a style of hair fringe that falls to the cheekbones on either side of the face. The middle of the face and forehead is left bang-free for a look like a curtain opening. Curtain bangs wigs can better interpret your bone structure and highlight certain facial features, such as the eyes or cheekbones. The perfect curtain bangs wigs create softness and balance around the face.

How to avoid wigs getting tangled?

Since all of our wig products are made of 100% virgin human hair, it requires proper maintenance to avoid shedding and tangling problems. A deep conditioning treatment is of great help.

First, use coconut oil or olive oil and conditioner to complete a thorough conditioning treatment on your wig.
Second, remember don't put too much hair spray in your hair because that may lead to more tangling than usual.
Third, soak your wig in warm water. Take it out and apply conditioner product liberally through all of your wig, starting at your ends and working up toward your roots. You’d better do this at least once a week.
Fourth, let your wig absorb the nutrition for about 20 minutes to ensure it’s well-nourished.
Fifth, when the nutritious procedure is done, rinse your wig with warm water again and complete a cool water rinse to close the cuticles.
Sixth, use a soft towel to gently blot excess water away, hang it on the training head and let it dry in a cool and ventilated place, always stay away from strong sunlight.

That’s everything you’re supposed to know for the 2023 Christmas Sale at Pizazz Hair. If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to visit our official site to snap up. We wish you a Merry Christmas in advance.